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~ 20°25’54.6”N 100°21’08.9”W ~

Our excuse for wine is synonym of sharing;  that is the philosophy of Casa Vegil.

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Casa Vegil’s domain encompasses a little more than 10 hectares dedicated to the cultivation of the vine; with characteristic varietals of the Champagne area, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Planted gradually since 2017, we continue to increase our territory betting on these magnificent varieties.

The microclimate of which we are part of allows us to have perfect maturations with optimal acidity levels to create the best white and sparkling wines of the Bajío area.

Parallel to this, we own vineyards in Baja California where we produce our Cabernet Savignon, in clay soil and Mediterranean climate in its totality.

Our objective is to be able to have the best wine in a single destination; we are one Mexico.


We placed our winery in the Hacienda’s old barn, where it's thick walls and height allowed us to have optimal characteristics for the process in order to maintain a fresh and microbiologically stable environment; always spotless clean.

We bet for the best machinery to have absolute control over the process of transformation, the alchemy by which we manage to transform the fruit of the land into the elixir called wine.

Every single tiny detail is controlled from our laboratory; our wines are made under the premise of printing the essence and passion of what we do in each bottle.




Wine in the heart of the country

Enfocados en la producción de blancos y espumosos de extraordinaria calidad en la zona centro de México, Casa Vegil produce un blanco Chardonnay con 6 meses de barrica de roble francés, de maceración corta y fermentación larga; reposado en botella por 6 meses antes de poder ser liberado. 

Así mismo, nuestro espumoso se integra de un ensamble de Chardonnay y Pinot Noir, con 24 meses de crianza en lías todo elaborado bajo el método tradicional; haciendo honor a la vieja usanza en la creación de burbujas.

In the north of the country, our vineyards provide us with de fruit to design our Cabernet Gran Reserva, cold macerated and with gentle pump-overs to extract all the vitality from the fruit; we create a red wine suitable to undergo an aging of 18 months in new French Oak wood, to then rest inside the bottle for another 12 months in order to achieve complexity, balance and harmony.

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